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Steganography Workshop

February 17, 2022

A workshop I taught for ACM Cyber at UCLA relating to steganography forensics.

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Cyber Academy: Steganography Workshop Banner

I recently just joined ACM Cyber at UCLA as a Cyber Intern. As part of the club, I have been helping out with a workshop series we have been running this quarted called Cyber Academy where we delve into different topics in cybersecurity. This quarter, we have been focusing on forensics and I was tasked with teaching a workshop on steganography. I had a lot of fun preparing and teaching this workshop since for a long time, steganography has been one of my favorite topics in cybersecurity. Below is a recording of the workshop.

I collaborated on this workshop with two Cyber Officers (Matt and Yufa) and one other Intern (Rory) to prepare the content and write a few challenges specifically for this workshop. I have included the slides and challenges below. I took great inspiration from previous Cyber Academy workshops on steganography in addition to some experience I had solving steganography challenges in CTFs. Some other topics we have covered this quarter for Cyber Academy included file forensics, packet capture, memory forensics and smart contract auditing. It was very helpful to have our workshop attendees coming in with some exposure to common forensics tools such as binwalk, hex editors, and other Linux utilities from the file forensics workshop. The workshop covered a bit of theory on file layouts and there were certainly overlapping tools when dealing with file forensics.

I was pretty estatic with my first workshop for ACM Cyber since it was a subject matter that I have been interested in for a long time. I am super excited to continue teaching workshops in the future and learning more about cybersecurity.