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Buffer Overflow & Binary Exploitation Workshop Challenges

April 20, 2022

Challenges I wrote for my buffer overflow & binary exploitation workshop for ACM Cyber at UCLA.

Tags: buffer-overflow binary-exploitation pwn

Cyber Academy: Buffer Overflow & Binary Exploitation Basics Workshop Banner

I wrote two challenges for a workshop I taught for ACM Cyber at UCLA on buffer overflow and binary exploitation basics. Below I have attached the challenges. They are meant to be beginner friendly and cover content mentioned during the workshop. I hope you enjoy them!

Dave’s Backyard (Overflow 20)

Prompt: Welcome to Dave’s Backyard! Dave is a cat. His neighbordhood is a 10 by 10 grid. Dave’s territory is the territory within the coordinates 0 < x < 5 and 0 < y < 5. Dave wants to visit his dog buddy, Sam, who lives within the coordinates, 5 < x < 10 and 5 < y < 10. However, there is a terrible fence surrounding Dave’s backyard preventing him from going directly to Sam’s territory! How will Dave be able to see his friend?!?!

Cat Call (Overflow 30)

Prompt: It’s a lonely night… you’re missing your #1 cat! Time to give her… A CAT CALL! Source code.