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ACM Cyber General Meeting - Fall 2022 Challenges

September 30, 2022

Challenges I wrote for an introductory CTF at ACM Cyber's Fall 2022 General Meeting.

Tags: reverse-engineering beginner acm-at-ucla

ACM Cyber General Meeting - Fall 2022 Banner

To kick of the 2022-2023 academic year, my club, ACM Cyber at UCLA, hosted a general meeting to draw new students to attend. We decided to throw an introductory CTF to get students interested in the club. The theme of the CTF was cowboys. I wrote two challenges for the meeting. Below I have attached the challenges. They are meant to be beginner friendly and cover content mentioned during the meeting. I hope you enjoy them!

Tar Pits (File 10)

Prompt: We dragged this file from the bottom of tar pits. See what might be HIDDEN in there.

Cowslay 💅 (Reveng 15)

Prompt: I just wrote the most amoozing program! It’s so slay! Run java Cowslay -h to see how to use this program. Hint: You may want to look up what a decompiler is!