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Steganography Workshop Challenges

February 17, 2022

Challenges I wrote for my steganography workshop for ACM Cyber at UCLA.

Tags: steganography forensics beginner

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I wrote three challenges for a workshop I taught for ACM Cyber at UCLA on steganography. Below I have attached the challenges. They are meant to be beginner friendly and cover content mentioned during the workshop. I hope you enjoy them!

Stegosaur (Stego 10)

Prompt: Many years ago, the stegosaurs roamed the planet concealing their secret data within other forms of data. Until one day, they suddenly went… EXIF-stinct!!!

Acatstic Poetry (Stego 20)

Prompt: Steganography is a lot like a C.A.T. Contains secret data. Alternative data format. Tricky formatting.

What came first? (Stego 30)

Prompt: What came first? The chicken or the egg? https://youtu.be/1a8pI65emDE